eaMAFIA helps executive assistants up their game from “standard” to “badass.”


More than a membership, eaMAFIA is a movement and mindset built to support EAs in reaching their full potential and take their partnership to the next level.

We do this through an online platform of highly curated content and top-notch relationships all focused on enhancing performance and building new skills. Membership includes a number of tools, such as trainings, advanced education and certifications, message forums, job boards, resource libraries and mentorship communities.

EAs from around the world are invited into our supportive family of colleagues ready to grow and flourish in our careers and lives.

About eaMAFIA

We strengthen the relationship between the assistant and their executive through a holistic and comprehensive approach to strategic partnership and organizational success. We understand that EAs thrive through the support of a network of peers sharing resources and upleveling each other’s skill sets. And we also understand that Executives excel through the support of a badass EA. We focus on creating solutions and necessary support structures on both sides to ensure the organization as a whole reaches peak performance.

In addition to our membership platform, we also offer corporate workshops and one-on-one trainings. These trainings are focused on an organization’s specific challenges and opportunities, maximizing the role of the EA(s) to drive powerful outputs.

Meet the Founder

Kelly Kovacs joined Twitter in 2010 and launched a dynamic career as an executive assistant and chief of staff. Today, she is the founder of the eaMAFIA, an online community dedicated to providing thoughtful leadership and coaching for a new generation of badass assistants and executives. As a partner at 01 Advisors, led by Dick Costolo and Adam Bain, Kelly advises and invests in high-growth companies. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Ben and their two children, Kogan and Bo.